Born 1949 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Graduated in 1971 from the State Academy of
Applied Fine Arts in Istanbul, department of Graphic Arts.

In 1973, he went to London and worked at the
Madison Artist Studio as an illustrator.

After returning to Turkey, he worked as an Art Director at
Grafika and Manajans advertising agencies.

In 1977 he set up his own studio.
He made successful works in different branches of graphic arts.
(posters, illustrations, printmaking, design, book illustrations)

He gave lectures on graphic arts at Mimar Sinan University and
Marmara University, Faculty Of Fine Arts.

Near the end of the 70's, he began to paint in watercolor.
Since then, he matured his characteristic painting style.

He held 14 personal exhibitions, and took part in various mixed exhibitions.

He practised painting and illustrating skillfully for years, the two expression forms, which technically feed and support, but also likely to spoil each other.

Osman Kehri presents in his paintings the visions around us, which are slipping from our hands, by using images from his childhood Istanbul. Biography ©2007 Kehri Grafik Stüdyo